Normally, I appreciate corrections in a ballet class. Heck, come over and put my arm/leg/body part where you think it should be!  However, when you’re teaching a mid-level adult ballet class, it’s borderline unnecessary to get overly nit-picky. If we had perfect bodies and perfect technique, WE WOULDN’T BE IN REC ADULT BALLET CLASSES.

Yes, I am aware that in a plie, one’s back should be straight, knees turned out to the side, etc etc. That little bump you see at the end of my tailbone at the bottom of my grande plie? THAT’S MY ASS. BECAUSE I HAVE ONE. Had I made that bump disappear, one or both of two things would have happened:

  1. my ankles would actually end up beyond turned out and be more forward than my toes
  2. my lower abdomen would curl in, trying to tuck in something that cannot be tucked in.


I’ve been Vaganova trained for the last 10 years. Really, I think I know what I’m doing in a plie.

Oh and, in a 1.5 hr class, I think over 5 exercises were repeated 2, if not 3 times. UNNECESSARY. Shut up and move on!

I know you are more modern than classical, but no, I would not like to “free” this and “free” that, much less imagine some tap/faucet thing at my obliques, where air/water/whatever can flow fucking freely underneath my supported-yet-soft-and-relaxed extended arms. (I kid you not, actual metaphor she used.)